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  1. Am i allowed to post pictures here because i want to share a picture of my plant ?
  2. I also recently planted irises but the problem with it is that it takes a lot of time to grow and mybkexperience says that it will atleast take 3-4 months to groww.
  3. If you have seen this mylowes message then please reply to me because i will be very grateful in helping you mykohlscharge else this post will go in vain
  4. Plumpox virus is usually spread by aphids, but it can also be spread by grafting infected plants, including peaches and cherry blossoms. Once a tree is infested, no treatment is required and the tree should be removed to prevent further infestation of neighboring plants. Symptoms include . Although not technically a disease, Curculio plums are a common problem in plum trees. The pests of this beetle and its larvae destroy these fruit trees, causing a lot of fruit drop and rot. The best way to control these pests is to spray the trees with appropriate insecticides. Owners can use a variety of control methods. Properly planting disease-resistant varieties may be an option to solve the plum problem. For the new garden, find out which variety best suits your area. Your local expansion agent is a good source of this information.Do not plant new plums near old and diseased trees. It is worth checking the correct cutting of diseased branches.
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